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How to Detail Your Car like a Pro Fast & Cheap.

650,000 people die from respiratory disease annually says the World health organization link is right here

The reason is many people do not take their health seriously.

I personally have seen people go to the bathroom poop and not wash their hands then grab a door knob.

A few minutes later another person will do the same but they peed.

The last person would do all the right things including wash their hands and grab that disgusting door knob, get in their car, grab their steering wheel and enjoy some french fries that has now been covered with poop and pee.


If adults are doing this imagine what kids and pets are doing, don’t think about it.

When you are constantly introducing germs to your body by not cleaning your cars, ignoring spills and rotting food.

This can decay and change into mold that can and will cause respiratory disease through a respiratory track infection.

Side effects are seizures, permanent brain damage and even death!

These are serious so when you haven’t cleaned your car in a year.

Think of how many door handles and gas pumps you have touched, they introduced those poop and pee germs into your car then eventually into you body through your nose or mouth.

So let’s be safe! Clean our cars and help the world be a safer cleaner place just one car at a time! Moving on!

In this short ebook, I will give you everything you need to detail your car like a professional car detailing company.

4 Steps to cleaning your car like a pro:

1. Car Cleaning tools

2. Car Cleaning products

3. How to detail your car exterior

4. How to detail your car interior

5. Products I use professionally (Bonus)

6. Turn your new skills into 100k (Bonus)

If you don't learn how to detail your car like a pro we will refund you double your purchase.

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